Get Me Out Of Here - Jan 24, 2024

On “Get Me Out of Here” we create a carefully curated music selection just for YOU. Be prepared for excessive commentary about the artist, their artistic process, and the production that goes into the music. “Get Me Out of Here” will talk about the awesome history of a different genre of music selected weekly by your ever-so dedicated hosts, Eli and Liana. By the end of each episode, we’ll make sure you want to Get Out of Here!

Get Me Out Of Here cover

Pandora (for Cindy)

Cocteau Twins

Pandora (for Cindy) by Cocteau Twins

Blue Thunder

Galaxie 500

Blue Thunder by Galaxie 500

A Certain Someone

The Sundays

A Certain Someone by The Sundays

Souvlaki Space Station


Souvlaki Space Station by Slowdive

Last Night


Last Night by Lush

Come On Let's Go


Come On Let's Go by Broadcast

Milk - 2021 Remaster

Sweet Trip

Milk - 2021 Remaster by Sweet Trip

10 Mile Stereo

Beach House

10 Mile Stereo by Beach House

The Price Was High

Drop Nineteens

The Price Was High by Drop Nineteens