Good Vibes - Feb 2, 2017

"The show will consist of a variety of music we are interested from hip hop to soul. The talking topics of the show will consist of current events, anything we find funny, and most importantly interviews and gags conducted on the street for laughs (faux interviews, real interviews,pranks occasionally, plenty of lolz). Eventually we'd love to be able to interview celebrities as well because we love celebrities and aspire to be like them. In every way. Ever. Whatever keeps sending out ""Good Vibes"", ha."

Guerillas In Tha Mist

Da Lench Mob

Head in the Ceiling Fan

Title Fight


Beastie Boys

Time to get Ill

Beastie Boys

Have you ever seen the rain

Credence Clearwater Revival

bounce back

Big Sean

Litty (feat. Tory Lanez)

Meek Mill