Grass Stains - Jul 20, 2022

Grass Stains with DJ He/they of the Day is a brand-new show featuring a mix of tunes with vibes that make you feel something between the joy of basking outside on a sunny day, the vigor of running through a dewy open field at sunrise, and the serenity of swaying in a hammock in the breeze. So stay happy, stay hydrated, and stay tuned.

Grass Stains cover


Keyboard Dog

9/10 by Keyboard Dog


Tiger Lili

lightning by Tiger Lili

Surface Tension

Genevieve Stokes

Surface Tension by Genevieve Stokes


Katy Kirby

Juniper by Katy Kirby

Next Year

Sea of Lettuce

Next Year by Sea of Lettuce


Lili Trifilio

Cycles by Lili Trifilio

Early Bird

Desert Bloom

Early Bird by Desert Bloom

All Emotions Are Equal

Martian Subculture

All Emotions Are Equal by Martian Subculture

Worried for Nothing


Worried for Nothing by Subject

Dangerous Blues

The Young Veins


Wren Kitz

Shrouds by Wren Kitz

Little Fang

Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks

Little Fang by Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks

Turning into Water


Turning into Water by Maybird

Right Hand Blue


Right Hand Blue by Stanley

Ladder to the Sun


Think About Us

Healing Potpourri

Think About Us by Healing Potpourri

The Start Of Something


The Start Of Something by Voxtrot