Grass Stains - Oct 3, 2022

Entering its second semester on the air, Grass Stains with DJ He/they of the Day features a wide range of tunes that capture the feeling of basking outside on a sunny day, running through a dewy open field at sunrise, and swaying in a hammock in the breeze.
Each week will have a fresh theme based on genre, artist, or just ~vibes~. So stay happy, stay hydrated, and stay tuned.

Grass Stains cover


The Dodos

Fools by The Dodos

Sorry You Didn't Get to Kiss That Boy You Wanted to Kiss

Joy Again

Sorry You Didn't Get to Kiss That Boy You Wanted to Kiss by Joy Again

Friend of Nothing (Acoustic)

Together Pangea

Friend of Nothing (Acoustic) by Together Pangea

Lost Coastlines

Okkervil River

Lost Coastlines by Okkervil River



Roscoe by Midlake

The Next New Day, Pt. 2

Lazuli Vane

The Next New Day, Pt. 2 by Lazuli Vane

Parisian Enclave

The Mountain Goats

Parisian Enclave by The Mountain Goats


Andrew Bird

Pulaski by Andrew Bird

Simulation Swarm

Big Thief

Out of Sorts

Atta Boy

Out of Sorts by Atta Boy

In A Van


In A Van by Saintseneca

Gold and Green

Slaughter Beach, Dog

Gold and Green by Slaughter Beach, Dog

Manic Upswings

Miniature Tigers

Manic Upswings by Miniature Tigers

When the Ship Comes In

Bob Dylan

When the Ship Comes In by Bob Dylan

The Absolute Best Feeling

Joshua Bond

The Absolute Best Feeling by Joshua Bond



Angelina by Pinegrove