Grass Stains - Oct 24, 2022

Entering its second semester on the air, Grass Stains with DJ He/they of the Day features a wide range of tunes that capture the feeling of basking outside on a sunny day, running through a dewy open field at sunrise, and swaying in a hammock in the breeze.
Each week will have a fresh theme based on genre, artist, or just ~vibes~. So stay happy, stay hydrated, and stay tuned.

Grass Stains cover

Tulips at My Bedside

Central Heat Exchange & Living Hour

Tulips at My Bedside by Central Heat Exchange & Living Hour

Babies Are a Lie

Pip Blom

Babies Are a Lie by Pip Blom

Best Supporting Actor

Good Morning

Best Supporting Actor by Good Morning

Grass Stains


Grass Stains by Lowertown


Adrianne Lenker

Gone by Adrianne Lenker

Ship of Another Man


Ship of Another Man by Superblush

You Know I'm Down


You Know I'm Down by Frog

Cradle Your Device

Tom Brosseau



Remember by Jodi

On My Mind

Kylie V

On My Mind by Kylie V

Velvet Ring

Big Thief

Velvet Ring by Big Thief

It's Alright

afternoon bike ride

It's Alright by afternoon bike ride


The Childlike Empress

Dang. by The Childlike Empress

Ronnie's Song

Odie Leigh

Ronnie's Song by Odie Leigh

Map of the Stars

Slaughter Beach, Dog

Map of the Stars by Slaughter Beach, Dog


Alex G

Sarah by Alex G

Fall With Me

The Wild Reeds

Fall With Me by The Wild Reeds

Please Don't Ruin This for Me (Audiotree Live Version)


Please Don't Ruin This for Me (Audiotree Live Version) by Tennis

Hate To Say I Told You So

The Hives

Hate To Say I Told You So by The Hives