GrassBopper - Feb 23, 2022

GrassBopper is a show hosted by DJ Lil Geezy, a Midwestern girly pop who loves pop, indie, and rap music. On air, she loves to talk loudly about her passions: finding good deals on Facebook marketplace, buying and killing new plants, and planning half-birthday parties.

Work Out

J. Cole

Work Out by J. Cole

(You Drive Me) Crazy

Britney Spears

(You Drive Me) Crazy by Britney Spears

I Think I'm In Love With You

Jessica Simpson

I Think I'm In Love With You by Jessica Simpson

Family Business

Kanye West

Family Business by Kanye West

Say My Name

Destiny's Child

Say My Name by Destiny's Child

we Belong Together

Mariah Carey

we Belong Together by Mariah Carey


Ambar Lucid

Universe by Ambar Lucid

Head Down

Ambar Lucid

Head Down by Ambar Lucid



Janet by Berhana

Right Where You Like

Andrea Chahayed

Right Where You Like by Andrea Chahayed

Maybe Baby


Maybe Baby by maye

Take Me Where Your Heart Is


Take Me Where Your Heart Is by Q