here for the right reasons - May 5, 2022

Here For the Right Reasons with DJs Ashley, Grainne, and Mac is a show dissecting the latest episodes of The Bachelor and all Bachelor nation news. Tune in each week to hear a mix of music based off the juicy drama that week!


Foster The People

Ruby by Foster The People

champagne problems

Taylor Swift

champagne problems by Taylor Swift

Love Story

Vitamin String Quartet

Love Story by Vitamin String Quartet


Katy Perry

Firework by Katy Perry


Kelly Clarkson

Low by Kelly Clarkson

London Boy

Taylor Swift

London Boy by Taylor Swift

Mellow (Feat. John Kilbey)

The Penny Drops

Long Live

Taylor Swift

Long Live by Taylor Swift

Passion Flower

Shigeru Suzuki

Passion Flower by Shigeru Suzuki