Hyperspace Beats w/ DJ Lizb3th - Oct 3, 2022

Hyperspace Beats with DJ Lizb3th is a new show this semester, playing a futuristic blend of techno and synth-wave. Tune in to discover new music and blast off to hyperspace!

Pumped Up Kicks (Radio Edit)

Foster The People

Pumped Up Kicks (Radio Edit) by Foster The People


Childish Gambino

Sober by Childish Gambino

The Stranger

Billy Joel

The Stranger by Billy Joel

Upside Down

Jack Johnson

Upside Down by Jack Johnson

I've Been Everywhere

Johnny Cash

I've Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash

King Of Pain

The Police

King Of Pain by The Police

Sweet Nothing

Calvin Harris

Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris

fever dream


fever dream by mxmtoon

How To Be A Heartbreaker

Marina And The Diamonds

How To Be A Heartbreaker by Marina And The Diamonds

Run Away With Me

Carly Rae Jepsen

Run Away With Me by Carly Rae Jepsen


Paul Simon

Kodachrome by Paul Simon

Only Girl (In The World)


Only Girl (In The World) by Rihanna

Between My Teeth

Orla Gartland

Between My Teeth by Orla Gartland

Boys Like You


Boys Like You by dodie

Head Over Heels

The Go-Go's

Head Over Heels by The Go-Go's


Stefan Buchberger

Komm by Stefan Buchberger