Iatrogenic - Aug 24, 2015

Playing soft to hard rock at varying volumes through many different speakers at different times. A centerpiece to any receiver, the jams here will consist mostly of incoherent banter, sampled, processed but locally sourced flair that will have any listener screaming, laughing or crying depending mostly on their mood. Playing the likes of Flying Lizards and Raincoats, Slits and maybe even Tears for Fears, the goal is find some middle ground that makes Janet Jackson and Lou Reed seem like reincarnations of each other.

When i Die



L. Voag


Josephine Foster

The Third Man Theme

Anton Karas

Footin' It

George Benson

Harpa Dos Ares

Lula Cortes and Ze Ramalho


Black Spirituals


The Beach Boys


Joanna Newsom

Out on the weekend

Neil Young