Idli Vada Sambar - Apr 10, 2024

Tune in so that "Mundian To Bach Ke" is not the only Desi song you know!

Idli Vada Sambar cover

Lost Weekend

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

Lost Weekend by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions


Alex G

Runner by Alex G


Hotline TNT

Stampede by Hotline TNT

Walkin' Back to Georgia

Jim Croce

Walkin' Back to Georgia by Jim Croce

Parbo Na (From "Borbaad")

Arijit Singh

Parbo Na (From "Borbaad") by Arijit Singh

We Have Romeo


We Have Romeo by Ranjith

Senthamil Pesum Azhgu


Senthamil Pesum Azhgu by Rajith

Maa Baba



Bappa Mazumder

Naane Varugiraen

A.R. Rahman

Naane Varugiraen by A.R. Rahman

Prema O Premaa

Sid Sriram

Prema O Premaa by Sid Sriram

Begin Again

Nick Mulvey

Begin Again by Nick Mulvey