Illegally Blind - Jan 28, 2019

This show will feature a diverse collection of music including post punk and jangle pop favorites, local music, live performances, weekly guest DJs and more.

Beautiful Crystals


Beautiful Crystals by Sunwatchers


Tom Zé

Gloria by Tom Zé

I was a Teenage Werewolf

The Cramps

I was a Teenage Werewolf by The Cramps

Owe It 2 the Girls

Locate S,1

Owe It 2 the Girls by Locate S,1

Back and Forth

Royal Headache

Back and Forth by Royal Headache

Texas Serenade

The Gun Club

Texas Serenade by The Gun Club

A Couple Days

Valley Maker

A Couple Days by Valley Maker

Panic Pure

Vic Chesnutt

Panic Pure by Vic Chesnutt

Green Eyes

Chris Cohen

Green Eyes by Chris Cohen

Elastic Seal


Elastic Seal by DUDS

Elastic Feel


Elastic Feel by DUDS


Pinch Points

Jellybrain by Pinch Points

Inventory (Remastered)

Colin Newman

Inventory (Remastered) by Colin Newman

Big Jean

Big Supermarket

Big Jean by Big Supermarket

Milk Man


Milk Man by Deerhoof