[indie publishing house] - Aug 10, 2015

summer II is short so the name is long. this is a show looking for people to listen to it, but it only wants people to listen to it if those people like lesser-known artists that most of their uncultured friends don't like. some shows will be themed around certain moods & authors but others will be a harem of motley sounds connected only by a playlist. female artists mostly but sometimes we let some testosterone flow out on our radio waves. it'll be fun, it'll be cool, it'll be great.

Love Ballad

Tove Lo

Best in Me

Scissor Sisters

Night sky


Azucar Amargo





Marina and the Diamonds

stay away

Charli XCX

Someone New


Gonna Get Over You

Sara Bareilles


Marina and the Diamonds

Without me

Mac Demarco

Forever Young / Halo

Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z