Indie Report - Nov 19, 2016

Hip Hop, Pop, R&B Music. Providing Resources and Education on Music Fundamentals to Independent Artist and Students serving as a mentor and community activist. Can Drive 2016 started 5/1.

No Pressure


No Love ft Hue Hef

Mall G

Phuck It

Morris Sylver

Young Michael

Smoke Bulga

You Ever

Eastcoast Cally

Like a Model

T Luv

Real Talk

Maliqe Young

In His Image

Terrell "T Rex" Simon

Indie Report Dialogue

Snakecharma and Le Teas

All to Myself

Le Teas

Let Them Know (feat. Tha Jacka, Omar Kadir, Cellski & D-Dre)

The Jacka

Bread Winner ft Trina

Mo Beatz