Indie Report - Dec 24, 2016

Hip Hop, Pop, R&B Music. Providing Resources and Education on Music Fundamentals to Independent Artist and Students serving as a mentor and community activist. Can Drive 2016 started 5/1.

Grimey Beatles

Grimey Gurt


Mall G

Showoff ft Fred The Godson and Rush


I Remember (feat. Troy Ave)


Pull up Hop Out

Last Days

Wrap Whore

Jay Simms

All Night

X Wade

Pour It On

Seven Sinz

Take Notez (feat. Hush Harding & Donnell White)

Mac Notez

change of heart

Marcela Cruz


Mel Blackwell

Brand Off

Siah Law

Bread Winner ft Trina

Mo Beatz

All I Ever Wanted Was The D

Ms Sheek

Chasing My Money

Ms Sheek