Individuality Complex - Mar 29, 2023

Individuality Complex cooks up the finest indie rock has to offer, all on a silver platter! Listen in for both current and past indie jams, with some history sprinkled on top! You’ll find some delicious tunes no matter your taste!

Individuality Complex cover

Never a Joke


Never a Joke by Krill

Gonna Lose

Built To Spill

Gonna Lose by Built To Spill

Flowers Everywhere


Flowers Everywhere by Balkans

Best Supporting Actor

Good Morning

Best Supporting Actor by Good Morning

New Life

Do Nothing

New Life by Do Nothing

Can't Get In


Can't Get In by FEET

The Coming Of Spring

The Rapture

The Coming Of Spring by The Rapture


Annie DiRusso

Hybrid by Annie DiRusso

Skin Day

Bread Pilot

Skin Day by Bread Pilot

house show

vhs sports

house show by vhs sports



glassheart by speakerhug

Alone, Together

The Strokes

Alone, Together by The Strokes

The Fool


Night On the Sun

Modest Mouse

Night On the Sun by Modest Mouse