Individuality Complex - Apr 12, 2023

Individuality Complex cooks up the finest indie rock has to offer, all on a silver platter! Listen in for both current and past indie jams, with some history sprinkled on top! You’ll find some delicious tunes no matter your taste!

Individuality Complex cover

I Kicked a Boy

The Sundays

I Kicked a Boy by The Sundays

Changes - 2015 Remastered Version

David Bowie

Changes - 2015 Remastered Version by David Bowie

Trees and Flowers

Strawberry Switchblade

Trees and Flowers by Strawberry Switchblade

Blossom Bear


Blossom Bear by Wombo

Post Rave Glow

Shep Treasure

Post Rave Glow by Shep Treasure

Two Saviors

Buck Meek

Two Saviors by Buck Meek

Letter To Hermione - 2015 Remastered Version

David Bowie



Orange by Knot

Sugar Hiccup

Cocteau Twins

Sugar Hiccup by Cocteau Twins

Shatter (Remastered)

Liz Phair

Shatter (Remastered) by Liz Phair

Jeremy Parker


Jeremy Parker by Swirlies


Clifford the Band

Lessons by Clifford the Band

back off

tracey brakes