Jetset Air - Aug 12, 2023

Jetset Air is a show about the music, the artists, and the culture of indie music. Each show has a variety of current and past indie music. Throughout the season the show includes a variety of contemporary music and past favorites from all genres just to switch things up. And there are occasional guests to discuss topics on globalization, campus life, and of course music.

Jetset Air cover



Flow by Sade


The Brothers Johnson

Stomp! by The Brothers Johnson


The Whispers

Imagination by The Whispers


Mark Oakland

Betcha Don't Know


Betcha Don't Know by Najee

Santa Monica Drive

Antonio Jackson

Santa Monica Drive by Antonio Jackson

Light My Fire

Mickey Taelor

Light My Fire by Mickey Taelor

When the World is Running Down

BossArt Ensemble

When the World is Running Down by BossArt Ensemble

L.A. Chill

Norman Brown

L.A. Chill by Norman Brown

Sound of Summer

Paul Hardcastle

Sound of Summer by Paul Hardcastle


Vanessa Daou

Lovechild by Vanessa Daou

Rio De Janeiro Blues

Louie Shelton

Rio De Janeiro Blues by Louie Shelton

Irresistible Bliss

Chris Botti

Irresistible Bliss by Chris Botti