Junk in the Trunks - Jan 30, 2023

Do you have junk in your trunk? Let us lighten the load! From playing a mix of all sorts of music to talking about celebrity drama, this radio show has it all. Tune in for an hour of giggles and goofs, and forget about your junk! Each week will be completely different, so the only way to stay in the know is to listen!

Junk in the Trunks cover

The Way Things Are

Fiona Apple

The Way Things Are by Fiona Apple

Go West

Liz Phair

Go West by Liz Phair

This Is Love

PJ Harvey

This Is Love by PJ Harvey

Break It Up

Patti Smith

Break It Up by Patti Smith

Sullen Girl

Fiona Apple

Sullen Girl by Fiona Apple

Me & Mr Jones

Amy Winehouse

Me & Mr Jones by Amy Winehouse


Sharon Van Etten

Seventeen by Sharon Van Etten

The greatest

Lana Del Rey

The greatest by Lana Del Rey

Undress Me Now


Undress Me Now by Morcheeba

Love Is A Losing Game

Amy Winehouse

Love Is A Losing Game by Amy Winehouse

That Way Again

Mazzy Star

That Way Again by Mazzy Star

True Blue


Swingin Party


Swingin Party by Lorde