Just Playing - Feb 22, 2024

Are you embarrassed about your listening habits, despite bragging about your exceptional music taste? Do you consider yourself a frequent user of Spotify's private session feature (or Apple Music - shoutout Kayla)? Listen to "Just Playing" every Thursday at 8 AM for an hour of judgement-free listening, where we never judge, only enable!

Just Playing cover

Better Than I Know Myself

Del Water Gap

Better Than I Know Myself by Del Water Gap

I'm Shakin'


I'm Shakin' by Rooney


Fiona Apple

Shadowboxer by Fiona Apple

The Book Lovers


The Book Lovers by Broadcast

Wondering Why

The Red Clay Strays

Wondering Why by The Red Clay Strays

A Dream With a Baseball Player

Faye Webster

A Dream With a Baseball Player by Faye Webster

I'm Not In Love

Kelsey Lu

I'm Not In Love by Kelsey Lu


Holly Humberstone

Dive by Holly Humberstone

When It Hurts So Bad

Lauryn Hill

When It Hurts So Bad by Lauryn Hill

Arrow Through Me


Jet Black - Instrumental

Anderson .Paak

Jet Black - Instrumental by Anderson .Paak


Ichiko Aoba

いきのこり●ぼくら by Ichiko Aoba

Don't Forget Me

Maggie Rogers

Don't Forget Me by Maggie Rogers