Kyubey's Hour - Jun 22, 2023

In season four, tragedy strikes: DJ Jyles has gone missing without a trace! Untrustworthy reports say they have been teleported off to a land called "England" - not even a real place, I know. Will DJ Zhilin tha Villain - with the help of Kyubey the Weird Alien Cat, a rotating cast of guests, and the power of funk and groove - find DJ Jyles? Find out in this season of Kyubey's Hour!

Kyubey's Hour cover

Cosmic Girl


Cosmic Girl by Jamiroquai

It's Quiet Now (feat. Dope Earth Alien)

Honey Dijon

It's Quiet Now (feat. Dope Earth Alien) by Honey Dijon

Uwelona (feat. Sino Msolo, Boi Bizza & Nvcho)

Uncle Waffles

Uwelona (feat. Sino Msolo, Boi Bizza & Nvcho) by Uncle Waffles

Meteora Blues

Yves Tumor

Meteora Blues by Yves Tumor

Yesterday (Was So Nice Today)

Aquarian Dream

Yesterday (Was So Nice Today) by Aquarian Dream

Can I Get Your Name

Ángela Muñoz & Adrian Younge

Can I Get Your Name by Ángela Muñoz & Adrian Younge

Move Love (feat. KING)

Robert Glasper

Move Love (feat. KING) by Robert Glasper

Find It... Quick!

Steel Pulse

Find It... Quick! by Steel Pulse

Playa Playa


Playa Playa by D'Angelo

Hei! Você

Dom Salvador & Abolição

Hei! Você by Dom Salvador & Abolição


Kaelin Ellis

CATS GROOVE by Kaelin Ellis