Kyubey's Hour - Aug 17, 2023

Your favorite intergalactic show is back for season five. Join DJ Jiggly Jyles as they come back from the horrible land of London to spin some tunes! With DJ Zhillin the Villain himself seemingly gone, DJ Jiggly Jyles tries to bring back their co-host through the power of music. Once again joined by the help of the trusty Kyubey, a rotating cast of guests, and the power of funk and groove, This is Kyubey's Hour!

Kyubey's Hour cover

i adore u

Fred again..

Terry (Outro)


Terry (Outro) by GAZfrmPFree

60 Days

Larry June

60 Days by Larry June

Knock Knock


Knock Knock by Madlib


Ghostface Killah

Food by Ghostface Killah

Hell Is Round The Corner


Hell Is Round The Corner by Tricky

Find Out


Find Out by Liv.e

Care Of Cell 44

The Zombies

Care Of Cell 44 by The Zombies