Left of the Dial - Mar 12, 2024

Left of the Dial showcases the influential artists of the past who weren’t afraid to go against the grain. Playing a mix of alternate rock from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, tune in for a radio show that’s just like heaven!

Left of the Dial cover

Radio Free Europe


Radio Free Europe by R.E.M.

Fire in Cairo - 2005 Remaster

The Cure

Fire in Cairo - 2005 Remaster by The Cure

Ping Pong


Ping Pong by Stereolab

You Might Think

The Cars

You Might Think by The Cars


Matthew Sweet

Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet

Be My Wife - 2017 Remaster

David Bowie

You Must Have Crossed My Mind

The Toms

Please Do Not Go

Violent Femmes

Please Do Not Go by Violent Femmes

How To Take A Fall

Elliott Smith

How To Take A Fall by Elliott Smith

Red Eyes

The War On Drugs

Red Eyes by The War On Drugs