Life Before the Haircut - Jan 30, 2024

LAST SEMESTER BABY WOOHOOOO! I'm almost done! Unfortunately for you, that means that I have almost nothing left to lose!!! We've come a long long way in the last few years, and I've gone deeper and deeper into the depths of Spotify to find the artists that have bangin' songs but very few fans. Now, on Life Before the Haircut, I'll give you (the listener) the chance to be a TOP FAN of a varied selection of little ol' artists. Every show will adhere strictly to the following template: 15% funky, 20% silly, 2% spontaneous, 18% wacky, 10% groovy, 15% dangerous, and 20% life-before-the-haircut-tastic. If I play a song you like, you're in luck! If I play a song you hate, you're also in luck! Here on "Life Before the Haircut," every episode's theme might be completely different than the last! Tune in to hear bangers and bops from the shbloobiest, kerclompiest, and zoobytoobliest variety of artists!

Life Before the Haircut cover



Dreamsickle by Wombo

Dirty Laundry


Dirty Laundry by Cayetana

Pale Ale


Pale Ale by Tiberius

Chosen to Deserve


Chosen to Deserve by Wednesday

Half As Far


Half As Far by Friko

Fresas Con Crema

Mexican Slum Rats

Fresas Con Crema by Mexican Slum Rats



Bed by Cende

Dr. Johann Averies


Dr. Johann Averies by Daneshevskaya

Tomorrow Goes Away

Delta Spirit

Tomorrow Goes Away by Delta Spirit


Big Thief

Shoulders by Big Thief

Yellow Roses

Over Under

Yellow Roses by Over Under

Coma Culture

Coma Culture

Coma Culture by Coma Culture

Roll With It


Roll With It by Furnsss