Love Doctor No. 9 - Nov 20, 2023

The doctor is in... love! Give us a call @lovedoctorwrbb on Instagram and we'll provide you with the right prescription for your unrequited crushes, lovers quarrels, or relationship drama. Tune in each week to get advice and songs just for you.

Flesh without Blood


Flesh without Blood by Grimes

There's No Home For You Here

The White Stripes

There's No Home For You Here by The White Stripes

"Listen to Your Heart." "No."


"Listen to Your Heart." "No." by Cheekface

Never Really Over

Katy Perry

Never Really Over by Katy Perry

White Mercedes

Charli XCX

White Mercedes by Charli XCX

Hot Mess

Ashley Tisdale

Hot Mess by Ashley Tisdale

The Winner Takes It All

Meryl Streep

The Winner Takes It All by Meryl Streep

gold rush

Taylor Swift

gold rush by Taylor Swift

Get Back - Remastered

The Beatles

Get Back - Remastered by The Beatles

She Won't Go Away

Faye Webster

She Won't Go Away by Faye Webster


Toby Fox

「ホームタウン」という名の町 by Toby Fox

Just The Two Of Us

Grover Washington, Jr.

Just The Two Of Us by Grover Washington, Jr.