Moonish - Mar 4, 2023

You’ve been chasing the same cat all week!! Moonish is the sweet stop for a cup of tea, music, or maybe a little poetry reading because on Sunday mornings we must rest. Ashley & Hannah listen and talk about every thing and nothing at the same time. Whatttt? Apples are kind of a big deal to us... Perhaps you would like to join us for a bite?

Moonish cover

Parlophone 16- TBC 2

Parlophone 16- TBC

Time's A Wastin

Erykah Badu

Time's A  Wastin by Erykah Badu



Blu by Panasi

Sunny Duet (feat. the Mind)


Mulberry Jam


Mulberry Jam by Allah-Las

Wild Child

The Black Keys

Wild Child by The Black Keys

Here Comes Your Man


Here Comes Your Man by Pixies

Miracle Aligner

The Last Shadow Puppets

Miracle Aligner by The Last Shadow Puppets

The Ketchup Song (Asereje)

Las Ketchup

The Ketchup Song (Asereje) by Las Ketchup

Hung Up On My Baby

Isaac Hayes

Hung Up On My Baby by Isaac Hayes

Goodbye Stranger


Goodbye Stranger by Supertramp

Sleeping Powder


Sleeping Powder by Gorillaz

Tree Among Shrubs

Men I Trust

Tree Among Shrubs by Men I Trust

Why Can't We Live Together

Timmy Thomas

Why Can't We Live Together by Timmy Thomas



Livid by ELIZA