Music Memento - Apr 4, 2021

What was that summer song that always reminded you of high school, that banger you had blasting in the car the other night, or the one you had on loop after heart break? My friends, join us for an hour of Music Mementos as we go through memories, personal accounts, or broad topics behind the music we all listen to and enjoy. Submit your music memento today!

Island In the Sun


Island In the Sun by Weezer

Luv, Hold Me Down


Luv, Hold Me Down by Drowners

Bipolar Baby!

Forever The Sickest Kids

Bipolar Baby! by Forever The Sickest Kids

Teach Me How Love Goes

Kris Allen

Teach Me How Love Goes by Kris Allen



Falling by Iration

Venice (Acoustic)

Kris Allen

Venice (Acoustic) by Kris Allen

In the Sun

Violent Mae

In the Sun by Violent Mae

Lady Lie

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Lady Lie by Rainbow Kitten Surprise



Saltwater by Geowulf