My Big Fat Italian Lebanese Wedding (Solo Edition) - Feb 7, 2024

When two eclectic cultures unite – Italian and Lebanese – you'll experience the divine and holy matrimony that graces your ears every week when you tune in to My Big Fat Italian-Lebanese Wedding. Our show is all about the sounds of your big day, offering a diverse musical journey that transcends boundaries and genres, any song at the end of the day could be your wedding song. While the bride (DJ Chic) is solo honeymooning in Italy, join your beloved groom, DJ Jam, for nothing you’d expect but everything you’d want.

My Big Fat Italian Lebanese Wedding (Solo Edition) cover

ナイトクルージング - Live


ナイトクルージング - Live by Fishmans

Going To California

Led Zeppelin


Hot Flash Heat Wave

Hesitation by Hot Flash Heat Wave

Lightning by the Sea


Lightning by the Sea by Beshken

Chan Chan

Buena Vista Social Club

Chan Chan by Buena Vista Social Club

Cigarettes And Coffee

Otis Redding

Cigarettes And Coffee by Otis Redding

Décollage (feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani)

Thievery Corporation

Décollage (feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani) by Thievery Corporation

Hope You're Warm


Hope You're Warm by BEX

These Chains

Mid-Air Thief

These Chains by Mid-Air Thief

Old, New Bycicle


Old, New Bycicle by Helvetia

Nai Nai

Donald Byrd



méRua by Umalali

Sour Flower

Lianne La Havas

Sour Flower by Lianne La Havas