No Holds Barred - Apr 11, 2024

No Holds Barred is BACK for the umpteenth time, this time bringing you the freakiest four-to-the-floor madness of the millenium. Tune in, and get ready to be moved by the music.

No Holds Barred cover

Onie - 2007 Remastered

The Electric Prunes

Onie - 2007 Remastered by The Electric Prunes



Pinwheel by Shinra

Wach - Original Mix

Oliver Deutschmann

Wach - Original Mix by Oliver Deutschmann

Cosmic Flip

Daniel Gaiswinkler

Cosmic Flip by Daniel Gaiswinkler

Red Mist - VIP Part 2

Danny Byrd

Red Mist - VIP Part 2 by Danny Byrd

Hope You're Warm


Hope You're Warm by BEX

Voodoo Ray

A Guy Called Gerald

Voodoo Ray by A Guy Called Gerald