Of Man's First Disobedience and the Fruit - Oct 30, 2023

Milton, Emerson, Keats, Shelley, Melville, Whitman, Joyce, Eliot, Austen, Bronte, Bronte, Dickens, Dickinson, DJ Crystal and DJ Starbuck walk into a bar. Listen to this radio show if you want to know what happens next.

Ready to Run

One Direction

Ready to Run by One Direction

Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)

Billy Joel

Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) by Billy Joel

Johnny Don't Do It


Johnny Don't Do It by 10cc

She's Gone

Daryl Hall & John Oates

She's Gone by Daryl Hall & John Oates

Somewhere They Can't Find Me

Simon & Garfunkel

Somewhere They Can't Find Me by Simon & Garfunkel

ラビリンス [Vocal:満島ひかり] (MGOB NEW MIX)

Mondo Grosso

ラビリンス [Vocal:満島ひかり] (MGOB NEW MIX) by Mondo Grosso



Anamein by Tricot


Los Amigos Invisibles

Ultra-Funk by Los Amigos Invisibles

Last Dance - 12" Version

Donna Summer

Last Dance - 12" Version by Donna Summer