Only Child Convention - Mar 20, 2024

Welcome to The Only Child Convention, the only place you can hear your favorite middle school dance song and your dad's go-to road trip anthem back to back. Our show is centered around nostalgia as well as storytimes about the trials and tribulations of being an only child. Listeners can expect fun bits, unexpected song choices, and an all-around great time!

Only Child Convention cover

Popular (with Playboi Carti & Madonna)

The Weeknd

Popular (with Playboi Carti & Madonna) by The Weeknd

Pray You Catch Me


Pray You Catch Me by Beyoncé

Red Wine Supernova

Chappell Roan

Red Wine Supernova by Chappell Roan

End of Beginning


End of Beginning by Djo

Club Tropicana


Club Tropicana by Wham!

Lonely Weekend

Kacey Musgraves

Lonely Weekend by Kacey Musgraves


Ariana Grande

supernatural by Ariana Grande

Tennessee Whiskey

Chris Stapleton

Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton

Talking in Your Sleep

The Romantics

Talking in Your Sleep by The Romantics

Drops of Jupiter


Drops of Jupiter by Train

Training Season

Dua Lipa

Training Season by Dua Lipa



Cuyahoga by R.E.M.