Passenger Princess - Feb 15, 2024

two passenger princesses sitting in the car... who gets aux?

we'll take you on the road and put together a playlist each week that feels like road tripping with your best friend. from soul to jazz to house to Kpop, our show will take you on a scenic journey! catch us every Thursday at 3pm and enjoy the ride<3


Tú by Maye

Babyfather - Radio Edit


Babyfather - Radio Edit by Sade

I Like the Way (The Kissing Game)


I Like the Way (The Kissing Game) by Hi-Five

Choosey Lover


Choosey Lover by Aaliyah

Street Thing


Street Thing by Aaliyah


Kanye West

Paranoid by Kanye West

Deja a tu novia

Bb trickz

Deja a tu novia by Bb trickz

Any Time, Any Place

Janet Jackson

Any Time, Any Place by Janet Jackson

When I Meet You

Hollow Bastion

When I Meet You by Hollow Bastion