PB and Jam - Mar 12, 2023

PB and Jam with DJ Cynthia is back for season 2, playing a good mix of slow pop and alternative. Tune in every Sunday at 3PM for a sweet and cozy time!

PB and Jam cover

Pork Belly

Bastien Keb

Pork Belly by Bastien Keb


Herbie Hancock

Driftin' by Herbie Hancock


Hotline TNT

Stampede by Hotline TNT


Orchestra Baobab

Coumba by Orchestra Baobab

Summer Nights

Hazel English

Summer Nights by Hazel English


Ichiko Aoba

いきのこり●ぼくら by Ichiko Aoba

Head Over Heels

Tears For Fears

Head Over Heels by Tears For Fears

Kisua Ki Ngui Fuá

Artur Nunes

Kisua Ki Ngui Fuá by Artur Nunes


Nick Hakim

JP by Nick Hakim

This Will Be Our Year

The Zombies

This Will Be Our Year by The Zombies

Kun Fè Ko

Oumou Sangare

Kun Fè Ko by Oumou Sangare

Impressions in F Major

Brian Green

Impressions in F Major by Brian Green

Hermit Crab

disco witch

Hermit Crab by disco witch