Peach Fuzz - Mar 28, 2021

Tune in to hear Peach Fuzz’s finest carefully curated nonsense! It might be starting a conversation about the PSAs we just aired about feeling your own boobs for lumps, and ending up at the time one of us accidentally almost joined a cult. DJ Shmoop, DJ Sparknote, and DJ Easybib (aka Karisma, Laura, and Clio) will bless your ears with music and hot takes (but don’t really listen to us. we can’t read).

Colin Zeal


Colin Zeal by Blur

Drive My Car

The Beatles

Drive My Car by The Beatles


Fiona Apple

Shameika by Fiona Apple

Fast Slow Disco

St. Vincent

Fast Slow Disco by St. Vincent

Palomas Blancas

Natalia Lafourcade

Palomas Blancas by Natalia Lafourcade



2 by H.E.R.

Safe and Sound

Carly Simon

Safe and Sound by Carly Simon

In My Room

Frank Ocean

In My Room by Frank Ocean