Pipsqueak Radio - Aug 5, 2023

Pipsqueak- (ˈpɪpˌskwik) noun. informal. a contemptibly small or unimportant person; a twerp.

Each week, Pipsqueak Radio works to slap down the creamiest, toe-tapping mix for your ear waves. These mixes are based on unique, eccentric topics sandwiched between Iris and Liza's silly chats and giggly banter. Over the past few semesters, Pipsqueak Radio loves being a part of the WRBB community; we've had a ball of fun collaborating with other pipsqueaks at heart. GET EMPOWERED, FREE, and L!T✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Pipsqueak Radio cover

Bitter With the Sweet

Carole King

Bitter With the Sweet by Carole King

jazz is for ordinary people


jazz is for ordinary people by berlioz


Masayoshi Takanaka

Breezin' by Masayoshi Takanaka

Negroni Summer

Donny Benét

Negroni Summer by Donny Benét




Everything Eventually Ends


Everything Eventually Ends by L'Impératrice

Optical Wealth

Cap'n Marble

Optical Wealth by Cap'n Marble


Antonio Williams

Changes by Antonio Williams

For You - Many Selves Version

Kadhja Bonet

For You - Many Selves Version by Kadhja Bonet

Only A Fool Would Say That

Steely Dan

Only A Fool Would Say That by Steely Dan

My Lady's On Fire

Ty Segall

My Lady's On Fire by Ty Segall

Coy Boy

Blue Iverson

Coy Boy by Blue Iverson

Floated By

Peter Cat Recording Co.

Floated By by Peter Cat Recording Co.

The Dandelion

Oracle Sisters

The Dandelion by Oracle Sisters

La Declaración

El Zar

La Declaración by El Zar

In My Head

Tommy Guerrero

In My Head by Tommy Guerrero