Platz.Radio - Mar 14, 2019

Join mysterious selector DJ Yung Platz for a late night journey as he explores dance music in all its forms. Archived sessions can be found @

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Main Title: The Chase

Sam Spiegel

I Don't Know

Buddy Guy & Junior Wells

I Don't Know by Buddy Guy & Junior Wells

Galouli Ensaha

Les Frères Mégri

Galouli Ensaha by Les Frères Mégri

Soleil Soleil

Ahmed Fakroun

Soleil Soleil by Ahmed Fakroun



Party by Harari

Blues For Your Mama

Robin Kenyatta

Blues For Your Mama by Robin Kenyatta


The Grab Bag

Itutu by The Grab Bag

Eswi Yo Wapi

Mbilia Bel

Eswi Yo Wapi by Mbilia Bel

What Good Is a Castle, Pt. 1 & 2

Joe Bataan

What Good Is a Castle, Pt. 1 & 2 by Joe Bataan

The Village

Letta Mbulu

The Village by Letta Mbulu