Played in Shades - Mar 27, 2023

Played in Shades returns for its third semester! Join MacMantis and The Maggot for an auditory and visual listening experience as they explore music through the lens of a different color each week. Tune in or we will literally rip your trachea out!!!

Played in Shades cover

Mr Magic (Through The Smoke)

Amy Winehouse

Mr Magic (Through The Smoke) by Amy Winehouse



Mines by Donzii


John Prine

Everybody by John Prine

Pink Frost

The Chills

If I Didn't Care

Ink Spots

Inner Woman

The Younger Brothers

Inner Woman by The Younger Brothers

When You Sleep

my bloody valentine

When You Sleep by my bloody valentine


Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Multi-Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

If Only

Happy Jade

If Only by Happy Jade

I Wished On the Moon

Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra

I Wished On the Moon by Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra


Alex G

Bug by Alex G



Underneath by Wednesday

Ingranaggi pesanti

Giuliano Sorgini

Ingranaggi pesanti by Giuliano Sorgini