Played in Shades - Nov 10, 2023

Played in Shades returns for its fourth semester! Join MacMantis and Ant for an auditory and visual listening experience as they explore music through the lens of a different color each week. Tune in or we will literally rip your trachea out!!!

Played in Shades cover

Kindling (Winter Version) - Winter

Architecture In Helsinki

My Better Self


My Better Self by Tennis

Know Your Onion!

The Shins

Know Your Onion! by The Shins


Blaize Jenkins

Interlude by Blaize Jenkins

Pedro Pedreiro - Remastered

Chico Buarque

Pedro Pedreiro - Remastered by Chico Buarque

Isolation Blues

Will Fox

Isolation Blues by Will Fox

Europa Neurotisch

Stereo Total

Europa Neurotisch by Stereo Total

Drown in the Clouds of Dew

Rozie Ramati

Drown in the Clouds of Dew by Rozie Ramati

Shinin’ You, Shinin’ Day


Shinin’ You, Shinin’ Day by Char

The Simple Pleasures

Archish Arun

The Simple Pleasures by Archish Arun

The Lonesome Border, Pt. 1

Dear Nora

The Lonesome Border, Pt. 1 by Dear Nora

Country Pie

Bob Dylan

Country Pie by Bob Dylan

Oh! Tengo Suerte

Masayoshi Takanaka

Oh! Tengo Suerte by Masayoshi Takanaka

Never Let Me Down Again - Remastered Version

Depeche Mode

Never Let Me Down Again - Remastered Version by Depeche Mode

All Wrong


All Wrong by Morphine

Girl Inform Me

The Shins

Girl Inform Me by The Shins

Melody on the Move

Clive Richardson

Melody on the Move by Clive Richardson

Road to the West


Road to the West by SEATBELTS

Gradska diva


Gradska diva by triksi