Pleasures of the Harbor - Apr 11, 2018

Mostly dixieland, country-folk, and bluegrass tracks with the occasional hip-hop song to lead off the show. I will likely play three songs and then announce what was played before playing three more.

Before You Called Me Baby

Caitlyn Smith

Onto You

Caitlin Canty

Strange Country

Kacy & Clayton

La vida no es fácil

Ximena Sariñana

Luz de Luna

Natalia Lafourcade

Duerme, Duerme Negrito

Victor Jara

Nothing New

Charlotte Day Wilson

Stranger by the Sea

Adrian Younge

I Am Here (I Am Alive)

Bonny Doon

What I Want

Anna Burch

Unfamiliar Moon

Vance Gilbert

After The Garden

Neil Young

San Francisco Good Times

Gold Star

Power And Glory

Phil Ochs

Which Side Are You On