Porpoises LIVE! - Nov 17, 2023

Porpoises AWOO!!! Porpoises LIVE! is returning for its fifth semester on air, honored to bring purpose and beauty to all of our gorgeous listeners.

Porpoises LIVE! cover

Waters of March

John Roseboro & Mei Semones

Waters of March by John Roseboro & Mei Semones


Ben Folds Five

Kate by Ben Folds Five


Lady Gaga

G.U.Y. by Lady Gaga


Daisy the Great

Glitter by Daisy the Great

3D Country


Phantom Limb

The Shins

Phantom Limb by The Shins


Ben Folds

Jesusland by Ben Folds

Something Big

Shawn Mendes

Something Big by Shawn Mendes

Black River Mauritius

Can Candid Band

Black River Mauritius by Can Candid Band

Wakare No Kotoba

Mei Semones

Flowers Grow Out of My Grave

Dead Man's Bones

Flowers Grow Out of My Grave by Dead Man's Bones

Eulogy for You and Me

Tanya Davis

Eulogy for You and Me by Tanya Davis


Mladen Franko

Pondlife by Mladen Franko

Reuse The Cels

Car Seat Headrest

Reuse The Cels by Car Seat Headrest