Psych-Out Thursdays - Oct 6, 2016

My show will be pretty much straight music besides a couple breaks to say some song names/the show name/PSAs, etc. The genre will be psychedelic/rock/psychedelic rock/60s and 70s stuff/that kind of thing!!

the ocean

Led Zeppelin

Ash May & Dr. Love Wisdom

The Babe Rainbow


Mild High Club

Hey bulldog

The Beatles

Winken', Blinken and Nod

The Big Three

little wing

Jimi Hendrix

Apocalypse Dreams

Tame Impala

Barbarian Kings

Morgan Delt


Grateful Dead

Zoom Out

Jerry Paper




Moses Gunn Collective

Generique Noir

The Holydrug Couple

the river

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard