Pushing Up Daisies - Oct 2, 2019

Welcome to Pushing Up Daisies! Your favorite dark hour with DJ Requiem, full of moody rock and chill guitar-based jams. Beware! Discussions of insidious nature and dark secrets will plague this show: Can you handle it?

Golden Cage

Nilüfer Yanya

Golden Cage by Nilüfer Yanya

I've Been Waiting

Briston Maroney

I've Been Waiting by Briston Maroney

New Flesh

Current Joys

New Flesh by Current Joys

Road Head

Japanese Breakfast

Road Head by Japanese Breakfast



Thursday by Wayward

I Hope Youre Doing Okay

Pity Party Girls Club

I Hope Youre Doing Okay by Pity Party Girls Club

Let's Talk About Feelings


Let's Talk About Feelings by Joywave


Crystal Castles

Crimewave by Crystal Castles

Lately (Drugs)

Dae Zhen

Lately (Drugs) by Dae Zhen

Oh Honey

Neighbor Lady

Oh Honey by Neighbor Lady

Take Off Ur Pants

Indigo De Souza

Take Off Ur Pants by Indigo De Souza



Roddy by Djo

I Love You Aubrey Plaza

Eli Josef

I Love You Aubrey Plaza by Eli Josef

Alien Blues


Alien Blues by Vundabar


Surf Curse

Disco by Surf Curse