Pushing Up Daisies - Nov 20, 2019

Welcome to Pushing Up Daisies! Your favorite dark hour with DJ Requiem, full of moody rock and chill guitar-based jams. Beware! Discussions of insidious nature and dark secrets will plague this show: Can you handle it?

Symphonia IX

Current Joys

Symphonia IX by Current Joys

Wes Anderson

Alex Lahey

Wes Anderson by Alex Lahey


Lala Lala

Destroyer by Lala Lala

Medusa in Chains

The Fratellis

Medusa in Chains by The Fratellis

Tommy's Party

Peach Pit

Tommy's Party by Peach Pit


Sonic Blume

Aubrey by Sonic Blume


Mt. Eddy

Lovely by Mt. Eddy

If It Were Me


If It Were Me by Glow!


Cage the Elephant

Spiderhead by Cage the Elephant