Room 485 - Feb 13, 2024

Get an inside glimpse into the inner workings of Room 485 as DJ Ballzella and DJ Bridget swap songs we think the other, and our audience, will enjoy.

No Passion

Car Seat Headrest

No Passion by Car Seat Headrest

I Wish I Never Met You


I Wish I Never Met You by Babygirl

Sleeping Is The Only Love

Silver Jews

Sleeping Is The Only Love by Silver Jews

First Time

Lucy Dacus


Omar Apollo

Useless by Omar Apollo

Time Machine


Time Machine by WILLOW

Dream Song

Lala Lala

Dream Song by Lala Lala

I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms

The Modern Lovers

I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms by The Modern Lovers

The Only Thing

Sufjan Stevens

The Only Thing by Sufjan Stevens

Swimming Through The Night

Soda Blonde

Swimming Through The Night by Soda Blonde

Lavender Buds

MF Doom

Sleep Talking

Indigo De Souza

Sleep Talking by Indigo De Souza

She Likes a Boy


She Likes a Boy by Nxdia

É Luxo Só

Rosa Passos

É Luxo Só by Rosa Passos

Should've Been A Cowboy

Toby Keith

Should've Been A Cowboy by Toby Keith