Rosie Radio - Oct 18, 2021

A combination of a talk show and music that I like. I'll play songs from all different genres I like such as Rap, Pop, Classic Rock, and even Country. I'll occasionally talk about topics like sports, finance, and even current events.

Taste It


Taste It by INXS

Hanging On the Telephone


Hanging On the Telephone by Blondie

Bound for the Floor

Local H

Bound for the Floor by Local H

like a rolling stone

Bob Dylan

like a rolling stone by Bob Dylan


Aretha Franklin

Respect by Aretha Franklin

Crush with Eyeliner


Crush with Eyeliner by R.e.m

Love In an Elevator


Love In an Elevator by Aerosmith

All the Young Dudes

Mott the Hoople

All the Young Dudes by Mott the Hoople

once in a life time

Talking Heads

Netflix Trip


Netflix Trip by Ajr

When I Come Around

Green Day

When I Come Around by Green Day