SIKE - Apr 5, 2024

Regardless of your origin, on SIKE all roads lead to psychedelic. From a weekly guest’s chosen genre, ride the waves back to psychedelic music over the course of an hour. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip!

SIKE cover



Nude by Radiohead

You Lose!

Magdalena Bay

You Lose! by Magdalena Bay



Steeeam by Shelly

They Stay Down Deep


They Stay Down Deep by Giselle

Mr. Blue (feat. Catherine Feeny)

Chris O

Mr. Blue (feat. Catherine Feeny) by Chris O

Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus

The Strokes

Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus by The Strokes

Deadlines (Thoughtful)

Car Seat Headrest

Deadlines (Thoughtful) by Car Seat Headrest

Ko Go Wrong


Ko Go Wrong by Mochen

Your Boyfriend

Radiator Hospital

Your Boyfriend by Radiator Hospital

Red Wine Supernova

Chappell Roan

Red Wine Supernova by Chappell Roan

Bad Ideas


Bad Ideas by Liloh.

Hot Thoughts


Hot Thoughts by Spoon

Von dutch

Charli XCX

Von dutch by Charli XCX