SIKE - Apr 12, 2024

Regardless of your origin, on SIKE all roads lead to psychedelic. From a weekly guest’s chosen genre, ride the waves back to psychedelic music over the course of an hour. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip!

SIKE cover

Ai Ai Gasa

Haruomi Hosono

Ai Ai Gasa by Haruomi Hosono

Southern Lights

Glen Campbell

Southern Lights by Glen Campbell

Do They Call to You?

Andrew Montana

Do They Call to You? by Andrew Montana

Good News

Mac Miller

Good News by Mac Miller

Call it Good Times


Call it Good Times by WINKLER

Wonderful Photography


Wonderful Photography by WINKLER

Pickles from the Jar

Courtney Barnett


Mad Anthony

Rina by Mad Anthony

Party on the Rooftop


Party on the Rooftop by Rikas

I Saw The Light

Todd Rundgren

I Saw The Light by Todd Rundgren

Monkey Man

The Rolling Stones

Monkey Man by The Rolling Stones

Piper Oz the Hound

Art Lown

Piper Oz the Hound by Art Lown

Twin Snakes


Twin Snakes by Winkler