slow boat - Nov 17, 2023

Looking to expand your music taste? Look no further! Dive into the heart and soul of a different genre every week with Slow Boat radio. Tune in as we discuss our appreciation for the power of music to tell stories, convey emotions, and connect people across time and space.

Before Today

Everything But The Girl

Before Today by Everything But The Girl

Blue Flower

Mazzy Star

Blue Flower by Mazzy Star

Mean Girls


Mean Girls by Bladee

Ugly Man Fun Plan

Lots of Hands

Ugly Man Fun Plan by Lots of Hands

And So I Know

Stone Temple Pilots

And So I Know by Stone Temple Pilots

Get A Hold

A Tribe Called Quest

Get A Hold by A Tribe Called Quest

Newborn Awakening

Jim Morrison

Newborn Awakening by Jim Morrison

Peace Frog / Blue Sunday

The Doors

Peace Frog / Blue Sunday by The Doors



Queen by P.H.F.

Eye's Drift

Archy Marshall

Eye's Drift by Archy Marshall

You Can Have It All

Yo La Tengo

I Don't Know You

Mannequin Pussy

I Don't Know You by Mannequin Pussy

Jealous Guy - Live

Donny Hathaway

Jealous Guy - Live by Donny Hathaway

I'll Be Your Mirror

The Velvet Underground

I'll Be Your Mirror by The Velvet Underground

From The Swamp

King Krule

I Miss You (Dobie Rub Part One) - Sunshine Mix


I Miss You (Dobie Rub Part One) - Sunshine Mix by Björk


A Tribe Called Quest

Separate/Together by A Tribe Called Quest

Ordinary Pleasure

Toro y Moi

Ordinary Pleasure by Toro y Moi