Snazzy Jams with Kyra and Henry - Apr 4, 2023

Snazzy Jams with Kyra and Henry has been on the air for 1 semester, bringing a chaotic but energetic mix of songs, blending genres and moods to curate the perfect vibe. Listen in every Tuesday for an hour of witty banter, existential questioning, and solid tunes.

Snazzy Jams with Kyra and Henry cover

Some Strange Rain

Cotton Jones

Some Strange Rain by Cotton Jones

Kun Fè Ko

Oumou Sangare

Kun Fè Ko by Oumou Sangare

Chromakey Dreamcoat

Boards of Canada

Chromakey Dreamcoat by Boards of Canada

I Never Dreamed

The Cookies

I Never Dreamed by The Cookies

Deixa a Tristeza

Neno Exporta Som

Deixa a Tristeza by Neno Exporta Som


Ichiko Aoba

いきのこり●ぼくら by Ichiko Aoba