Sound Swap - Oct 13, 2023

Imagine this...a mysterious yet dashing radio DJ invites you to barter. You sit down at his table in a dark, smoke-filled room and he offers you one of his favorite songs for one of yours. You have no idea what to expect, but you take the chance and shake his hand. If the idea of this experience entices you, tune in to Sound Swap with DJ Track Merchant and come away with something new every week.

Sound Swap cover

Sesame Street


Sesame Street by Bladee



Dreamer by Laufey

Girl from the Valley

Micah Edwards

Girl from the Valley by Micah Edwards

Calling For You (feat. 21 Savage)


Like Real People Do - EP Version


Like Real People Do - EP Version by Hozier

My Funny Valentine

Bill Evans

My Funny Valentine by Bill Evans

Cruel Summer

Taylor Swift

Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift

The Archer

Taylor Swift

The Archer by Taylor Swift



Ribs by Lorde



Skin by Bladee

Could Heaven Ever Be Like This

Idris Muhammad

Could Heaven Ever Be Like This by Idris Muhammad

July 98

Dana and Alden

July 98 by Dana and Alden