spill the beans - Apr 18, 2023

What genre is this? SPILL THE BEANS MAN! DJ mime-boy and DJ goose chase will walk you through a subgenre of rock & rock-adjacent music each week, helping to expand your music catalog. Listen in every Friday to get the weekly rundown on some rad music to help you in your efforts to become a niche super-fan of odd, lesser known music.

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Cupid - Live

Sam Cooke

Cupid - Live by Sam Cooke

Everything Is Simple


Everything Is Simple by Widowspeak

Filming School

Sidney Gish

Filming School by Sidney Gish


Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Nadja by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Forever Half Mast

Lucy Dacus

Forever Half Mast by Lucy Dacus

Stranger to Yourself


Stranger to Yourself by Loving

Fatal Line

1969 Collective

Fatal Line by 1969 Collective


King Krule

Cool Dry Place

Katy Kirby

Cool Dry Place by Katy Kirby

Consolation Prize

Ken Yates

Consolation Prize by Ken Yates

Back To Oz

Sufjan Stevens

Back To Oz by Sufjan Stevens

Judy (Wilds)

Andy Shauf

Judy (Wilds) by Andy Shauf

Spacing Out


Spacing Out by beabadoobee

Curious Hands


Curious Hands by Kuinka